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About the Fuengirola Chiropractic Clinic

Chiropractor: STEIN A. MYKLEBUST D.C.

Stein studied at the well renowned Palmer College of Chiropractic in the United States, He graduated in 1996 with the title Doctor of Chiropratic. Afterwards he worked for the next 6 years in Norway, which included 3 years as the Clinic owner. Since 2002 up to present day he has been running his own practice in Fuengirola in Malaga on the Costa del Sol in Spain.

Chiropractic History

Both medicine and Chiropratic can be traced back to Hypocrites (450-339 BC) Both professions still retain elements of his philosophy and teachings. But it wasn't until 1895 that Chiropractic made it's real start, when D.D. Palmer went beyond crude manipulation by developing the specific, short lever vertebral adjustment. In 1896 he started the first chiropractic school where students would have to study anatomy, physiology, techniques etc and learn the profession.

Nowadays the treatment forms are more developed as a lot further research has been made, Today there are many colleges and universities where one can study chiropratic and the treatment form has spread to most places around the world. Palmer college of chiropratic still remains one of the most recognised schools to this day.

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