Lower Back Pain  •  Neck Pain  •  Headaches and Migraines  •  Sciatica  •  Nerve Pain

Fuengirola Chiropractic Clinic

Are you suffering from lower back pain, sciatica, trapped nerve,
a neck problem, or from headaches or Migraines?

Our primary goal at the Fuengirola Chiropractic Clinic on the Costa del Sol is to give individual attention to all of our patients so that they receive excellent chiropractic care.

We have had lots of cases where people have endured stiffness, aches and pains and back trouble for many years. Our treatments have helped thousands of people to live a better life, we can't guarantee totally pain free, but we nearly always see a marked improvement, have a look at our testimonies.

Possibly in the past, you have tried a Doctor, Osteopath or had physio sessions. If none of these have helped you, why not give chiropractic a try?

Chiropractic is helpful in more problems than you may be aware of: -

  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Dizziness / Vertigo
  • Neck Pain / Cervicalgia
  • Pain, Numbness, Tingling in arms hands or legs
  • Back Pain / Thoracalgia or Stiffness and Muscular pains between shoulder blades and the shoulder region
  • Lower back pain / Lumbago / Lumbalgia with or without pain in the legs, groin or sciatica
  • Joint problems / Joint pains
  • Herniated discs "slipped disc"
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Pinched / Trapped nerve
  • Both Acute and chronic problems
  • Stenosis
Visit our chiropractor clinic in Fuengirola, let us help you improve your quality of life.