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Testimonies & Recommendations

I had suffered from Migraines, Tension headaches and muscular pain for the last 6 years since an accident at the gym, and after trying osteopaths and physio in the early days I had pretty much given up with trying to sort out my condition.

It wasn't until a friend of mine put me on the spot one day as she made an appointment on my behalf at the clinic so I agreed to go for consultation.I was quite skeptical and a little scared of having my neck manipulated as I didn't want to make it any worse..

Since going I have now recommended Stein to at least 8 other people and no I don't get a commision, I can't say enough good things about how he has helped me, no migraines since and generally feeling much better. So my advice is don't put off making that first appointment like I did! Thanks for everything.
J.H. - Fuengirola

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